TDFW-button-iconNow that summer is in full swing it’s starting to look like Lil Jon’s club anthem “Turn Down For What” may be the song of the summer. That’s actually ok with me now that I’m over the 8,432,200 times I heard “Blurred Lines” last summer.

Not only that but I’m a child of the “Get Low” era. I remember many many nights when “the windows to the walls” and whatever came after that, were heard absolutely everywhere.

Well in case you’re really in the mood to “Turn Down For What” or someone says to you “did you know I got turned down” a developer called Appoxym has created an easy button app just for the occassion.

The app called the “#TD4W button” is available in the Google Play Store. As you can probably imagine, when you push the big blue button in the middle of the apps screen Lil Jon let’s out a nice loud “Turn Down For What”.

TDFW-AndroidNow since the song blatantly uses a song, protected by DCMA rights, you probably won’t ever find in the iTunes app store. Apple frowns upon apps that use samples from current music since their relationships with the major record labels are so tight and so sacred.

But never fear, Appoxym has hooked it up for iPhone users that just can’t get enough. If you have an iOS device just navigate your browser to and you too will have a shiny #TD4W button on your screen, and whenever you press it, voila, you’re turning down for what.

You can download the TDFW button here, from the Google Play Store. 

You can access the web based version at http:/