Uber LogoUber for business is really a no-brainer.

Uber has started Uber for business a new feature that allows companies to sign up for Uber. This new service allows companies to have a “corporate” account with their company payment information on file. Now, those Uber customers who’s companies are participating can affiliate themselves with that company using their work email address and boom.

Undoubtedly thousands of Uber users already use the service for business. Of course it can get complicated when a business traveller is going through their expenses and their Uber payments, especially if they are combining business trips with personal errands.

To eliminate that stress factor and because so many people are using Uber during business travel they’ve created the new Uber For Business service.

They explained how it works on their website:

For the business:

  • Employers visit our signup page to create a business account with Uber’s web portal
  • From there, they link the payment method of choice and add employees to the account
  • Once added, employees will automatically receive an email invitation to join their team or company Uber account
  • Managers or administrations immediately have trip information at their fingertips, as well as other key metrics such as the number of trips and the total amount spent on travel weekly, monthly and annually

For the business traveler:

  • If you already use and love Uber, this option will pop up in your account once you verify your work email address
  • From there, all users will be able to easily toggle between payment options, which means business travel is automatically expensed and personal trips stay personal
  • Double bonus: this fall, American Express Corporate Cardholders participating in Membership Rewards in the US will have the option to earn double points or use points to pay for Uber rides

To add to Uber For Business the company has also announced a partnership with business travel expense platform Concur. This new partnership means that Concur’s 25 million customers can effortlessly link their Uber account and their Concur account and Uber will automatically pass on their expense-ready travel information including a receipt to the users Concur account making it even easier to use Uber as a business travel option. Uber will also add American Express into the mix later this year so that companies can “Turn On” effortless expensing across their entire organization.

Tesla Motors and Gilt have been beta testing the Uber For Business program. They’ve also already received praise for the Uber for Business program from Deutsche Bank, SalesForce, and Barclays just to name a few.

Source: Uber.com