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These days it seems that there is a different social network for everything in your life. Facebook for friends and family, LinkedIn for work. Twitter for news, and whatever else you may follow. It can get to be a little overwhelming, and at times pointless. Every new social network that comes along claims to be the missing piece, the one you have to be on. While many times these new networks are uninspired and dull, every once and a while a promising one comes along. This is the category that uConnectHome falls into.

uConnectHome is a pretty unique network. It is somewhat similar to Facebook, but it works on an incredibly hyper-local level. Specifically, uConnectHome was built as a platform to connect apartment building and apartment community residents with one another, local deals, and local services. The goal is to make it easy to find out what is going on inside the community, and where to find deals and services in the surrounding area:

Moving into a new apartment complex can be stressful and uncertain. uConnectHome makes that transition easy and fun. The platform allows you to connect instantly with fellow residents and management. It allows you to get discounts from local businesses and browse classifieds with in your community. With full Facebook and Twitter integration you can access your community anywhere and on all your favorite devices! Start sharing all the cool things that are going on in your community to all your Facebook and Twitter friends.1

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This seems like a great product that is much needed in apartment buildings. There are tons of possible use cases for such a product; here is one Kyle noted a few days ago:

uConnectHome can be used for much easier, but sometimes inconvenient tasks, like finding out who left their socks and underwear in the community laundry room. I know from experience I hate to be that neighbor that takes someones clothes out of the dryer, but come on it doesn’t take six hours to do one load. Post a pic, write a post and maybe they’ll get the message.

During One Spark, we had a chance to speak with Eric Haulotte, uConnectHome CEO. Eric told us a bit more about the platform and some newer features, including the ability to pay rent through uConnectHome:

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