VIDAMETER_headWe just came across an interesting new crowdfunding campaign. The VIDAMETER presents a new take on the health/fitness trackers. The smart band provides a much fuller picture than the current health/fitness wearables. As the fitness wearable market stands today, the majority of the products offer the detection of isolated vitality and fitness signs, so that only limited analyses are possible. Things such as heart-rate, steps taken, or calories burned. The VIDAMETER, however, paints a much broader picture of users’ health and fitness:

With VIDAMETER you can easily and effortlessly assess the present state of your health. Its 9 integrated sensors measure all your vital signs such as pulse, blood flow rate, blood oxygen saturation, levels of activity, calories, steps and skin temperature. It cannot only show you at any time, how you are. It could also save your life, because it is able to call for help automatically. In addition VIDAMETER enables you to pay cashless, scan barcodes or lock and unlock your doors keyless.1


Further, the VIDAMETER comes with a Lithium-polymer battery that can go 10 days between charges; it can be charged over QI wireless. The device is water resistant up to 300 meters, and the company lists its maximum operating altitude at 8,000 meters – or just slightly less than the peak of Mt. Everest. The devices comes with a 1.55-inch, 222 ppi display.


The safety alerts are pretty interesting. The 9 sensors of the VIDAMETER – IMU (9-axis inertial measurement unit) EMG Sensor (proprietary muscle activity, Temperature, Proximity, Altimeter, Oxygen, Ultrasonic, GPS, Pulse –  are able to recognize an emergency from changes in users’ vital signs. If the device detects an injury or emergency, it automatically makes an emergency call to up to ten pre-defined contacts. Further, these emergency calls contain location data and information about the physical condition of the person in need, so that emergency workers lose little time and can take the necessary action immediately. What’s more, the VIDAMETER can detect and provide early warning for sleep problems and widespread diseases like Hypertension or Diabetes.

Overall, the VIDAMETER seems like an incredibly unique wearable. They even have a cool reward on Indiegogo. The first 1000 backers at the $159 level will be beta testers, receiving the device 5 months prior to everyone else. Check out the companies video. Below the video is a graphic that shows all the features of the VIDAMETER.