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We travel a lot. Going to conferences and meetings keeps up on the road. While we stay pretty busy on the road, there is a good amount of downtime. This downtime can present quite a challenge. A lot of the time, we are in cites that we are completely unfamiliar with, meaning we have no idea where to eat, or what to go see, or anything to do. Sure, there is TripAdvisor and things like that, but they don’t give you the real picture. Thankfully, we just came across an app that gives you a deeper insight into the local scene: Voyajo. We had a chance to ask the team a few questions about their app:


What is Voyajo?

Voyajo provides a powerful yet easy to use trip planner engine on map. Travellers from around the globe created more than 13,000 planned trip itineraries and share with their friends, family and the Voyajo growing travellers community. Join us now and plan your next trip for free, get access to abundance of travel itineraries, ideas and tips, discover nearby points of interest and compare vacation deals – all in one site. See you at Voyajo, travel different way,
Bon Voyajo.

 Why did you build Voyajo?

Travellers using Voyajo.com are members of a rapidly growing community and can use the great resources to be found on site for elevating their experiences and use the wisdom of the crowd to avoid tourist pitfalls and to discover the great places that every remarkable destination in the world can offer to it’s visitors.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

Voyajo proud of it’s advanced itinerary planner engine which allows trip planners to choose and add huge amount of destinations to their trip, add daily routes and points of interest to every destination, set their transportation like: car, foot, plain, train, bike and more. Planning your next trip, using the mobile app while travelling and sharing your travel experience with friends, family and the online community is easy with Voyajo.com as 1-2-3.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Voyajo.com makes it easy to plan and share your next trip, vacation or journey. Whatever your next destination, duration of trip or preferred places of interest, you can find them at Voyajo and add them to your trip plan. Using the mobile app you can share your experiences, pictures and videos while travelling. You can also use Voyajo to discover interesting places near you, find other travellers and discuss with them about your upcoming trip plans. You can also use Voyajo to easily get navigation, directions and useful data to make your travel experience even more fun.