Wake HappyThe internet of things has worked its way into just about anything you can think of. From powerstrips to thermostats. It only makes sense that it has worked its way into the pillow. This is the Wake-Happy Pillow:


Wake-Happy has some pretty interesting functionality. It acts as an alarm clock, and also helps to reduce snoring. However, it is not a standard alarm clock, waking you up through loud beeps:

Waking up is the start of a new day and it should be a pleasing experience which is our aim. We all know, mornings are hard, and can leave a great impact throughout our day the way we have been awaken. Wake-Happy will gradually bring you out of sleep before fully waking you with an alarming sound. Rather than a noisy alarm clock, Wake-Happy gently start waking you up, through its 3 stages to accompany all sleepers even those heavy ones, and lazy ones to get out of bed. Waking is healthier, because it works to restart your Circadian rhythm, rather than jolting you awake. 1

The anit-snoring feature is pretty unique as well:

Anti-Snoring  feature prevents users from snoring ounce the Wake-Happy catches the user snoring 3 times per one minute its starts to vibrate, gently stopping you from sawing wood . Snoring is bad your health for a number of reasons.2

While it seems strange to lay on a pillow with components inside, the creators claim that you wont be able to feel anything other than the pillow. The Wake-Happy comes in the standard 20×26 pillow size, and is filled with either memort foam, or half memory foam, half down. The pillow is charged wirelessly, and comes with a powerful app:


You can pre-order the Wake-Happy pillow for $115 on their Indiegogo Campaign.