Wearable technology is set to make an incredible impact on the way in which we live our everyday lives. A more physical interaction with technology has always been something that the general public has been craving and over the past years we have taken steady steps into turning this into reality. This year will see the release of a number of notable wearable tech and it’s certainly lining up to become a major turning point and hopefully a suitable catalyst for future innovations in this field.


Many of the wearable products that have been met with the most enthusiasm have been ones that have changed the way we run. We are fast becoming a very health conscious nation and the more of us that are participating in regular exercise is constantly on the increase, and going for a run is just one of the popular ways in which people like to get their daily fix of exercise. The devices not only measure distances, steps, speed and incline but can now even analyse your running results and offer advice and regimes to help better improve your running experience.


There are endless apps that have been developed for runners that will accompany these wearable running innovations, such as the Zoi which contains sensors you clip to your chest and shoes to further analyse your running technique. They can provide virtual coaches to help you and your body truly gain the benefits of running.


If you are more inclined to skip the exercise and lounge about and get involved in some gaming action instead then fear not because the future of wearable technology will benefit passionate gamers as well as those seeking a high energy outlet. Many of us now can enjoy gaming on our touch screen smartphones allowing us to be freed up from any hulking controllers or leads. Smartphones themselves are continually being developed to include new sensors and other features that allow them to interact with various apps, and a more immersive experience is high on the agenda.


The idea of immersive video gaming has been around for decades now and we are right on the cusp of it becoming a reality. Oculus Rift is just one of the next-generation virtual reality headsets currently in development and edging its way closer to market. It’ll enable players to totally immerse themselves in a virtual gaming environment allowing you to jump right in the middle of an explosive battle in a Street fighter mobile game, or to place yourself into a virtual Australian mobile casino and go head-to-head with the dealers in a thrilling game of blackjack.