whome-1Did you ever think you would see the day when lightbulbs could supply more than just light? Sure there are those lamp socket outlet contraptions but their both outdated and a little dangerous. Well the power of LEDs combined with Wifi have created an opportunity that can turn a lightbulb into much much more.

whome-rHow about a dance club?

The Whome was designed by WaveBomb a company based in the UK that specializes in innovative product ideas. The Whome  is an app controlled LED lightbulb that allows the user to control the lights brightness and color through the use of an app.

The Whome  is also a high quality wireless speaker that allows you to play your digital audio through the Wifi enabled system. What makes the Whome  even better is that it can be networked with multiple Whome Bulbs to control the entire audio and lighting experience in a room. The Whome can also serve as a wifi hotspot.

Now there’s a good chance you’ve seen app controlled smart lightbulbs before, like the Hue by Phillips and the Lifx. Whome puts everything together in one nice neat little package that’s amazingly easy to install.

whome2They are also working on a wearable bracelet that would interact with Whome bulbs that are already installed. When someone with a bracelet gets in the vicinity of the bulb itself the lighting and audio could change, providing a totally interactive experience.

Whome will also have a community of users that can create custom light shows around music or pictures. Those light shows can be saved in the Whome app and shared with other users so they can replicate the same light show. The Whome app will be available for both Android and iOS devices making the Whome system perfect for just about any kind of user.

You can find out more and back them on Kickstarter here.