WimbleTopBack in the day a company from Finland revolutionized the mobile phone. Nokia was first on the scene with a wide variety of very popular feature phones. They were also the first to test the waters of an app economy and their own operating system, Symbian.

A few years later the Finnish people were back, revolutionizing the casual game by chucking birds off a slingshot to kill pigs. Angry Birds turned into a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate, and people still get hyped over new iterations.

So yes Finland knows a thing or two about gaming and mobile. They’re also very efficient people. If you’ve ever had the chance to visit Finland the entire country just seems to run right.

Indiegogo-BackNow combine all those three aspects of the Finnish tech world into a mobile app that gamifies your to do list to become more efficient, and you’ve got Wimble.

Wimble is a new mobile app from Finnish development company MeKiwi.

The idea behind Wimble is so simple, yet so productive. For the past few years there have been several fitness apps that have allowed users to rely on their own support network to reach their goals. If you know your friend is trying to lose 50 lbs and they skip their workout you can give them a word of encouragement. If they check in on the scale and have lost 3lbs you can give them an attaboy. When they’ve run a mile you can give them a high five. This is working well for fitness buffs and people trying to lose weight, so why not use the same logic for your everyday to do list.

Wimble-RouletteTo achieve this you need an app that on the surface is a great task management/to do app. You also need an app that has a good social component and a gamification component. Rolled all into one and you’ve got Wimble.

Wimble will allow users to manage their time, life and social relationships all in one feature packed by lightweight app both on and off line giving Wimble a superior edge of other to-do, productivity and social apps.

Wimble allows users to create and share anything they’ve created with the app with their friends and family. Users can also tag locations for certain tasks and objects.

When it all comes down to it Wimble wants to help users get things done, Check out Wimble here.