While we were at ISTE during this week, we had a chance to meet with a bunch of EdTech startups. In fact, there was a whole section of the expo floor dedicated to startups. Anyhow, one of these startups really stood out. Kidnected World is an incredibly unique company for a number of reasons. Firstly, Kidnected World is a non-profit. That is pretty noteworthy. Throughout our time at ISTE, I may be wrong here, but I don’t remember seeing any other non-profit corporation.

Wonderment 1

Kidnected Word was at ISTE to show off their latest project, Wonderment. Wonderment is a platform that allows children to participate in creative experiences and share with one another all across the world:

In the Wonderment, kids participate in collaborative creative experiences with other kids across the globe and turn their shared imagination and interaction into a currency backed by brands and donors to support social good projects benefitting kids around the world. It’s a place where kids can find their creative voice, connect it to others and use it to make a difference.1

Kidnected WorlsDuring ISTE, we had a chance to speak with Jenn Cook, the Executive Director of Kidnected World. Jenn told us a bit more about Wonderment, and what some f their goals are with the project: