GoGroove-WUDWhy yes this is a wooden Bluetooth speaker and it actually rocks.

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen. Nowadays every accessory manufacturer is creating and releasing Bluetooth speakers at a record pace. In fact if we wrote about every Bluetooth speaker released we wouldn’t have time for any other content. It’s special Bluetooth speakers like the GoGroove BlueSYNC Wud portable Bluetooth speaker that catch our attention.

This retro designed Bluetooth speaker looks like an analog radio from the 1950’s, the kind you would find out by the beach blasting out your favorite songs from your favorite AM radio station. But what’s coming out of this speaker isn’t the static and crackly sounds of an AM radio station but rather your favorite music from your smartphone or other Bluetooth wireless device. The sound is crisp and clear, and it’s all controlled by one dynamic knob.

The BlueSYNC WUD is equipped with built-in high-quality speakers, bright treble, and deep bass encompassed in a compact, real wood shell. The speaker uses a single knob to control volume, pairing, power, and play/pause to make operating the speaker quick and easy. In addition to the control knob, the WUD has an onboard microphone for hands-free calling. The music fades out as a call comes in and returns after the call has ended. The WUD creates a comfortable audio environment for both music and phone calls.

GoGroove-WUD-2For those fortunate enough to have an NFC equipped phone (read some Android phones but not iPhones), the BlueSYNC WUD features one touch “tap to pair” functionality. You just tap your NFC equipped phone onto the speaker and it pairs the Bluetooth instantly.

The BlueSYNC WUD is good to go for four hours at maximum volume and up to 8 hours when not using it at maximum volume. Like most Bluetooth speakers it charges via micro-usb with the included cable.

There’s no time like a cold, wet and in some places snowy easter weekend to start talking about great summertime products, but you’ll be the talk of the beach with this cool spin on the Bluetooth speaker.

You can pick one up for $54.99 here.