There are tons of applications built on top of Facebook, most of which are games or some sort of contact organizer. However, we recently came across a new app that is built to provide a more seamless and intuitive event organizer. Woovent provides a much needed update to Facebook Events. The French company launched in February 2014. One of the founders, Remi Bardoux, was kind enough to answer a few of our questions:



TechFaster: What does your company do, and how do you do it?

Remi Bardoux: Woovent is the first mobile app dedicated to Facebook events that provides a simple solution to :
– Find all your upcoming events gathered in one place
– Answer any invitation with one swipe (and never miss one again)
– Automatically create photo albums of your past events in order to transform them into real memories

Our ambition is to completely revolutionize the way people manage and enjoy their Facebook events !

Why Facebook Events? What’s wrong with it?

Remi: More than 4.5 million event invitations per hour on Facebook! Events face the same problem as email did a few years ago: Facebook users are now overloaded by invitations, and most of them are spam.

Result : The RSVP rate is decreasing , more and more invitations are spam, and people interact less and less around events.

Tell us your founding story:

Remi: “Mobile” is Facebook’s current hot topic. They have bought or created an app for some of their verticals : Instagram / Fb Camera (photos), Whatsapp and Facebook messenger (messenger), and Paper for the news. But one is still missing for the events…

And our first figures show that more than 60% of Facebook event invitations never get any answer ! So we decided to create Woovent!

Tell us a little bit about the founders:

Remi: Adrien Dulong (26 years old) and me (Remi Bardoux – 26 years old) originally met during our Engineering master in Computer Science. Adrien then finished his studies in the best French business school (HEC), and started his career in the innovation department of one of the biggest French TV channels : Canal +.

I have worked as a project manager in PriceMinister (bought by Rakuten) and managed the mobile department of Beezik (Ebuzzing Group) that gathered millions of users.

We are backed by « L’Accelerateur » one of the best French Accelerator (kind of french YCombinator).

What do your current goals look like?

Remi: Our goal is to get tons of feedback! We want to build the product that our users need 🙂

Anything else you want to leave us with?

Remi: Only 3 weeks after our launch we have 42.000 Events invitations managed by Woovent and 98 coutries covered!

We would like to thank Remi and the whole Woovent team for answering our questions!