WWE-CESHundreds of thousands of attendees, over 3,000 exhibitors and everyone who cares about technology will have all eyes on Las Vegas from January 5th through January 10th for the International CES. CES is the largest technology trade show, conference and convention in the western hemisphere.

Over 10 years of coverage I’ve seen a lot. CES used to share the same week with AVN and several events were in very close proximity to the AVN stars (if you don’t know what AVN is Google it). I’ve seen Snooki from Jersey Shore, Justin Bieber, Wil Smith, Carrie Underwood, and the Bare Naked Ladies, all pimp products or manufacturers at the ginormous show, just to name a few.

I’ve been to industry events during CES that included rock performances, magic shows, tigers, and even strippers.

But never have I ever received an invitation from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Until now.

Now as the weeks lead up to CES I get about 100 emails a day asking for meetings. I get several colorful well designed invitations from the bigger manufacturers and invitations to off the wall events. This invitation from the WWE looks like many that fill our inboxes when CES is right around the corner. But really WWE.

The WWE does a lot of events in Las Vegas, but never before have they held an event during CES.

As a kid I was a huge WWF fan, weren’t we all. Every now and then I put WWE on the television for the comedic enjoyment and the world knows that Vince McMahon and his wife are amazing entrepreneurs. But CES?  The only other time that I can remember WWE being involved in CES was when The Rock helped Bill Gates unveil the original Xbox.

WWE has had several successful video games and McMahon is an entrepreneurial and promotional mastermind. If they’re announcing a partnership, who the partner is and what they could be doing is really anyone’s guess. Maybe another new video game? WWE for the Xbox One and Playstation 4? Maybe a wearable fitness tracker? I don’t know but we will make sure one of our Techfaster reporters is there, and once we know, we’ll let you know, faster.

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