xGrower Grow Room App

Diego Bruno has been in the IT field for over a decade. He’s also a hobbyist grower who enjoys growing “plants” in a closet in his home. Like many indoor growers, his lighting, water flow and other equipment needed for growing “plants” is reliant on timers. Most of those timers haven’t seen innovation in over a decade.

Like most aspiring innovators Bruno knew there was a better way. He wanted to find a way that he could monitor and adjust his grow room settings even when he wasn’t at home.

Xgrower-AppThat’s why he invented xGrower: smartphone controlled automation device for indoor growers.

It doesn’t matter what you’re growing, after all it’s legal in some states now. The xGrower is perfect for any aspiring Hortaculturist.

Bruno has created the xGrower to be ready to go out of the box. Just set the xGrower in it’s place. Plug in your lights, ventilation, watering system and internet access and you’re ready to monitor your “grow room” from your smartphone.  The xGrower can even connect with cameras and sensors, providing you all of the data points and visuals you need to monitor your grow room.

The standard xGrower is available for preorder for just $239. Of course Bruno knows that you may have special needs for the xGrower. Perhaps you want special treatment of your data, or maybe you’re monitoring a wharehouse full of “plants”. In that case, Bruno and his company will custom tailor the xGrower for your operation.

You can find out more about xGrower here. and here.