There is no question that we are living in the most photographed age ever. Just about every new smartphone has a camera capable of taking incredibly detailed photos. With these advancements, however, photography has lost something. It used to be – way back when I was a kid – that you had to be very thoughtful and careful when taking pictures. You only had a finite amount of film with which to take pictures. This limit made photography a more intimate, more calculated endeavor. Well, we just came across a unique Kickstarter Project that is aimed at bringing back some of the allure of photography: ZenCam:


In a world where people take endless photos of irrelevant things, ZenCam’s goal is to get people to slow down and take mindful photos of the things that really matter.

Remember film rolls? Remember the excitement of receiving a pack of photos with no IDEA how they will look? Miss it? We do, which is why we’re bringing it back! ZENCAM is an app that emulates the old camera experience, using seamless technology. Once you take a picture, it’s not visible until it pops through your door, printed! 1

ZenCam offers a pretty unique approach to photography. While it is indeed unique, it is quite simple. You download the app – not yet available – snap 20 pictures, and then those pictures are printed and delivered to your door. Ah, but there is a catch. Much like the disposable cameras of yore, you are unable to see these pictures until they are printed.

disposable camera

The app itself, as well as the prints are 100% free. The only thing you ever pay for is the shipping: UK delivery £2.49 & Worldwide delivery £3.49 – around $5.50 USD. Here is a good look at the app, check out their Kickstarter Campaign for more info and rewards: