It’s no secret that we love external batteries. Kyle has been known to carry upwards of 100,000 mAh of backup power to conferences. Anyhow, we just came across what may be the best external power source out there, ThinkPower:


The team behind the ThinkPower make some pretty bold claims:

ThinkPower by Zettaly is a 10,000mAh high-capacity battery pack that recharges in 90 minutes. Designed for Lenovo laptop users, ThinkPower extends the life of your phone, tablet, or any other device that charges via USB. For example, its high-capacity means it can fully charge an iPhone 5 over four times on a single load.1

Think Power 2

The only downside to the external battery, however, is the fact that it is designed specifically to work with the Lenovo ThinkPads:

ThinkPower comes in two different models, with an input socket that’s compatible with either Lenovo’s classic round-barrel power plug or its newer, rectangular plug. Our backers that receive ThinkPower will have the option to choose the model before shipping.2

Aside from the fact that it is charged via a ThinkPad cable – which you can get by itself for around $8 on Amazon – the ThinkPower looks to be the best external battery that you can buy. At $40, it is also super affordable.