Copertura-CoatHeated Jackets have been around for the last five years or so. The problem is that most of them are designed specifically for construction use.

I’m sure there’s plenty of times you wish you had a lighter weight heated jacket that was warm. The heated jackets that are out there today are made by tool companies like Milwaukee, and designed for construction workers that need to be out working in the cold all day long.

The Milwaukee jacket actually uses the same kind of rechargeable battery that other Milwaukee tools use. This isn’t going to cut it if you’re headed to a sales job or a meeting with investors for your startup.

That’s why  Ivers Psnony has created the Copertura, heated fashionable jacket.

Psnony has lived in several climates. At one point he lived in the Caribbean and now he resides in Berlin. Going from the tropical weather to Germany’s much colder weather was a shock for the young fashion entrepreneur.

Big, heavy winter jackets were never stylish enough and that was the same problem with heated jackets currently on the market. It also seems that most heated jackets have “heat zones” which means that in most heated jackets there are still pockets of cold.

Psnony and his team set out to create a jacket that was both stylish and functional. They also wanted to make sure that as the heater was turned on, the jacket warmed equally.

The next step was to create a jacket anyone could wear, from an entrepreneur, to a salesperson to a service industry worker.

After several months, Copertura was born.

Check out the video below and get ready because the Copertura fashionable heated jacket will go up for pre-order later this week.