AppleMacbookAirHalloween falls on a Friday this year, in fact it’s Friday of this week. While so many of us are excited about taking our children trick or treating, many of those in retail are excited because it’s the official early start to the holiday shopping season. At midnight November 1st all the halloween decor comes down and the holiday season is officially in full swing. With the economy still in recovery mode, retailers hope to start the holidays earlier and earlier.

It’s been well documented that Black Friday shopping will start at 6:00pm on Thanksgiving. While more and more people are lashing out suggesting we “boycott Black Thursday” the leaders of the retail pack continue to infringe on our football watching schedule.

Best Buy hasn’t officially said when they will release their Black Friday ads but if I were a betting man I would say a week from today seems like good pickings.

Although the entire concept of reporting on Black Friday shopping seems sacreligious to an extent, the Christian Science Monitor and the Christian Post are often the outlets that get all the deals right, especially their predictions. Year after year, before the ads even come out someone leaks the info to both publications. Perhaps its some kind of weird confessional from high retail executives, or just the gossip mongering that happens in these environments, but alas, whatever the reason both the CP and the CSM get Black Friday rumors right and here’s some of what we’re expecting.

Last year’s Best Buy deals included a 40 inch Samsung HDTV for just $479.99 and 16gb iPad Mini for $249.99. This year reports are circulating that a 60 inch HDTV will be available under $500.

Apple stores don’t typically do big sales for any reason. Last year they did a promotion that included Apple gift cards with purchase. Better Apple deals were found at big box partners like the iPad Mini for $249.99 at Best Buy. The Christian Post is reporting that we could see the 2013 Macbook Air for as low as $699 making that the lowest price Apple has ever run for a new laptop in the history of the company.

We’ll probably have to wait for next weekend to start seeing the big deals, for now you can check out the Christian Post article here.