air stand

A good tablet stand is hard to find. One of the biggest problems is narrowing down a decision. A quick search on Amazon for “Tablet Stand” brings up a whopping 937,451 results. Narrowing that down can be a pain. However, we may have just come across your best bet. This is the Air Stand, from NKMOS Design Technology:

Air Stand in use

The Air Stand takes some design cues from the Microsoft Surface, specifically the adjustment angles:

AirStand incorporates 2 extremely high quality friction hinges that are infinitely adjustable so you are able to achieve the most precise angle adjustment every time. Gone are the days of only having 2 or 3 set viewing angles.

When attached you can achieve a full 180 degree angle adjustment.1

Air Stand Specs

While, yes, the stand is only available for ptr-order on Kickstarter, it is 100% manufacture ready, meaning it will not take the years of turn around time that crowdfunding campaigns usually do:

Air Stand is completely production ready, we have tested many prototypes making sure the hinges and sticky pads work just right which they do beyond expectation.

Our design is complete and manufacture ready, we just need your help to get the first production run off the ground.

Friction hinges have been ordered, extrusion molds for the aluminium parts are complete, molds for the sticky pad, side rubber plugs and rubber feet are also complete, we just need to move into mass production for the CNC aluminium parts, sticky pad and all rubber parts. So this means that we can deliver a great product within only a few months.2

You can pre-order the Air Stand for $55 AUD, which is around $48 USD. Here is a good look at the functionality of the stand: