Travelling alone? In this world of android, no one travels as a loner; you have your right with you to keep you occupied all the time. In the absence of any human company, your smartphone could be your best company. Just load some of the best games to make your journey all the more memorable. Enjoy the landscape, food, music and top them up with these games – there’s nothing more a lone traveler can ask for.

Candy Crush Saga

You have to play Candy Crush to understand why it’s a favorite amongst all game lovers. The game is packed with 100 levels gives you nonstop entertainment as you make your way through the absorbing ‘sweet’ puzzles. Unlock boosters to progress higher in the level hierarchy. Your journey will seem to end in a blink of an eye with this game that is known for its addictive abilities and you’ll always find yourself fishing for your phone whenever and wherever you find time.

Slotomomania Slots games

Casino games have no less number of followers. For those who love slots, reels and classic table games, there is a long list of games to choose from. Slotomania is a colorful and fun video slots game. You can choose to play it for free. The stakes in the game are low and winnings are relatively big. Besides, there are Bonus Free Spins, scatter symbols, wild symbols and other bonus schemes to be availed. What could be more memorable than having won a jackpot on your way to some place?

Words with Friends

This game is for those who are enthusiastic about learning new words and have a passion for words. There couldn’t be a better game to accompany such travelers. The best thing about this thought provoking game is you can play it with multiple players, whether they are your fellow passengers or friends in any corner of the globe. All they need to have is the app installed on their smartphones. The games also allows for friendly competition. So next time you compete with your buddies, make sure to brush up on your word building power and beat them in this superb game. The game is available for free on Google Play Store and can be downloaded in a jiffy owing to its compact size.