On Tuesday, Dec. 3, Amazon announced that Amazon Cloud Player is now available in BMW Apps and MINI Connected-equipped vehicles from model year 2011 forward.1 While perhaps not as exciting as the announcement that Amazon will fulfill orders via unmanned drones, this is nonetheless an exciting move. It makes sense without any explination, but Amazon spells out the benefits. Customers will be able to:Amazon cloud player

  • Easily access their music playlists stored in Amazon Cloud Player with the convenience of using dashboard controls
  • Enjoy music in high-quality up to 256kbps audio
  • Free up local storage space on their phones by storing and accessing music in the cloud
  • Get rid of bulky CDs for easier music listening in the car 2

BMW 1It is almost hard to believe that Amazon hasn’t already done this. That said, there are some real benefits for BMW and Mini owners, especially if already using the Amazon Cloud Player. It will be interesting t


The app is available for free.