bitcoinOur friends over at Mobile Nations have always been innovators. They were responsible for one of the biggest, and earliest, independent Blackberry blogs, Crackberry. They were also early on the scene with an Android website in Android Central. And one thing I keep bringing up in conversation with industry folks is that Mobile Nations was actually one of the earliest companies in the content marketing space.  You see even with some of the greatest mobile news, and review content in the world, at it’s core Mobile Nations is a gigantic wireless accessory online retailer.

That innovation continues today as they just announced that they are starting to take Bitcoin, the anonymized digital currency that’s not only sweeping the nation, but the world.

All of Mobile Nations’ store fronts including ShopAndroid, ShopCrackberry, the iMore Store and Windows Phone Central store have all integrated Bitcoin into their checkout. Bitcoin joins Paypal, Amazon Payments and of course all major credit and debit cards as forms of payment.

After you load up your cart with all of your holiday purchases, just simply click the Pay With Bitcoin button and you can use your Bitcoin wallet to pay for your purchases.

As far as we know, Mobile Nations is the first wireless retailer to integrate the popular currency.



Source: AndroidCentral