Android Wear Lyft

Need a Lyft? Well if you have a new Android Wear smart watch your next Lyft can be ordered up right from your wrist. Forget having to take the extra step to pull your Android smarpthone out of your pocket, just turn your wrist a quarter turn, call up the new Lyft smart watch app and you are in business.

Technobuffalo reports that Lyft’s Android Wear app is already in the market and ready for use.

The app lets you hail a Lyft car right from your wrist. The app will also let you know, on your wrist, as your driver approaches which means you don’t have to be waiting outside in the heat for your Lyft Car.

The latest update to the Lyft app also allows you to create shortcuts like home and work to make it easier to order your Lyft car without a full screen.

We suspect that rival Uber won’t be far behind with a smart watch app for Android Wear. We will probably see smart watch car hailing apps pop up on the upcoming iWatch too.

Are you planning on picking up an Android Wear enabled smart watch from Motorola, Samsung or LG? AndroidCentral has an updating list of apps available that insure you have the coolest watch on the planet.