Animaker Facebook icon Twitter Icon linkedinLogo As anyone who has ever tried to make an animated video can tell you, it is an incredibly complex task. Sure, there are a few tools out there that make it a bit easier, but if you don’t have any design or animation experience, it is tough. We just came across a new startup that has built a unique platform that makes it incredibly easy to make animated videos: Animaker. We had a chance to ask the team a few questions about their platform:


What doesis Animaker?

Animaker is intelligent DIY Animated video making app with in built features to address the growing demand of video making. It has huge libraries of characters, props, Backgrounds & Animations.

Who is this platform for? Who are your users?

Small Businesses, E learning companies, Social Media agencies, educators and individuals like Educators, students, artists, you and me. However, we are now focussing on startups and small businesses who need videos at every step of their customer’s journey.

Why build an animation platform?

Video has gained predominance as a communication medium. Organizations want to create videos to spice up their marketing messages, explain their product, train their employees, for their internal communication or as a content for their social media. Individuals want videos created to explain concepts or make their resumes stand out or showcase their artwork or just to make someone feel special. But, creating a video is not easy. A studio would charge you a lot for a good quality video. We would like to enable this market to create their own studio quality videos at lowest possible costs.

How is Animaker different from the other platforms?

We know that we have a very strong competition. But, what makes us stand out is our readiness to get inspired and our patience to listen to our users. Everyday we receive technical issues, suggestions and feedbacks from user around the world and we address each and every one of them with utmost care. Thus, we are constantly improving and exploring. We have learnt from others mistakes in the same field. We are continuously improving and we aspire to build the biggest library of characters, properties and backgrounds for Animaker.

We have worked on every little aspect of the product. For example in the sound effects, there is “flight take off”. For this, we went to the airport and recorded when the plane took off. Like, this, we had invested lot of efforts to bring every little detail to perfection.

Moreover we have an awesome team with perfect blend of Tech/Product professionals and best in class Animation experts who make the magic happen. All the hard work and attention they had put on Animaker did not go unnoticed and we could see that from the amount of enthusiasm the users show. To conclude, I can say that Animaker is an outcome of an extensive research.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Animaker is not our first startup. Before Animaker, we were busy in developing Bode Animation, wherein we create unique, customized and high quality explainer videos for businesses. When Bode animation was 400 videos old, a venture capitalist asked us if we can make 4 million videos since the demand for such videos are skyrocketing. And another founder of a startup company who literally jumped off his chair when we told him the cost to create an explainer video. He said that the price we had mentioned is equivalent to his entire investment.

we did not have an answer to both questions but it made us to think. Our CRM reports told me that 80% of my potential customers could not afford the price tag given by Bode Animation. Yet, they were also not using the Do-it-Yourself tools in the market because the output was not of studio quality. Now we have a challenge before us; How to deliver quality at a lower cost? Thus, a variation to Bode Animation, Animaker was born. Animaker, though a DIY tool, is able to produce studio quality videos and works on subscription basis. We worked on how to make our product work for common users to create a high quality video with less time and budget. We learnt from others mistakes and introduced features which were not included in any of the other video making applications.

we asked ourself “Do we have to start Animaker, when Bode is doing good Business?”. The answer was, “yes”. We had a responsibility to cater to the other side of the market who would like to create content by themselves.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Raghav, a serial Entrepreneur and Loganathan, his friend from college joined hands to start Animaker. Their earlier venture is Bode Animation. Raghav is the CEO and our visionary. He comes with an experience of working with companies like Infosys and 3 to 30 in crucial roles. Loganathan is our VP of Business Administration. He is passionate about design innovations and marketing, with prior associations with Cameron International and Bode Solutions.

What’s the next step? What are your short-term goals?

Animaker is already in demand on other languages. Making the app fit for other major languages. Animaker for school. Lot of improvement and suggestions from our early adopters are in built level.