Stilleto We don’t usually get too involved with new fashions, but a new line of products from Stiletto has peaked our interests. Stiletto has taken to Indiegogo to launch a new line of personal security wearables. Unlike the majority of wearables in the market, the Stiletto is actually designed to look like jewelry. Take a look, here are a few different versions. Stiletto 1

Despite its small size, Stiletto contains a high-fidelity omni-directional microphone, vibration motor and alert speaker, and a rechargeable battery with nearly a week of standby time. Stiletto’s Bluetooth processor and radio are more powerful than those currently found in any other similar wearable. This power not only ensures maximum range and reliability, it also gives Stiletto its unique ability: to reliably provide automated voice assistance that communicates critical information for you even when you can’t get to your phone or are unable to speak … even when your cellphone has no data service.1

alertsThis is a pretty ingenious device, both in terms of its functionality, as well as its appearance. Clearly, the selling point of the Stiletto is the functionality, but it looks unlike any wearable that I have ever come across. The device is powered and controlled by a robust smartphone app: You can pre-order the Stiletto for $179, but that is the most basic, plain silver model. The top end, more stylish models go for around $300. Here is a good look at the Stiletto: