Apple has always been a big supporter of the Red movement and World AIDS day. The Cupertino based company has always been a strong supporter of their gay employees as well. Apple CEO, and Auburn alum Tim Cook is an openly gay man.

Apple also coined the phrase “there’s an app for that”. With World AIDS day just over a week ago we found that in battling HIV and AIDS, there’s an app for that, actually a lot of apps for that.

New Jersey LGBT community website outinnewjersey.net reported that gay social networking app MISTER has teamed up with testing app Hula, to encourage men to get tested for HIV. Red.org has been strongly advocating the fact that in this day and age HIV can be managed, like diabetes and for less than $2 a day. Education and awareness are the most important components today.

There are over a dozen web and mobile platforms that help people who have positive results for STDs anonymously inform their previous partners. Hula is essentially a reputation verification app that allows people to inform their potential partners of their status before an encounter.

After a recent study by the Center for HIV Educational Studies And Training, found that apps like MISTER and others, had a large percentage of users that had never been tested, MISTER responded with action, by partnering with Hula.

“We’re in a position to help educate the community, and we should use it,” said Carl Sandler, CEO of MISTER told outinnewjersey.net. “The gay mobile app has become one of the primary ways gay men, particularly younger gay men, connect with one another. We need to do all we can to make sure that they are making informed choices about their partners and their health.”

Reports say that one in ten men who use a mobile app to find other men have never been HIV tested. One third of those men told their partners they were HIV negative even though they had never been tested. One third also admitted to having unprotected sex.

Hula can help people find the closest testing center. Then, after the test users can securely post their last testing date and results. Health professionals suggest that sexually active gay men test every 90 days. There are thousands of testing centers across the country that do the test for free.

“We’re excited that MISTER asked us to partner with them on this important project,” said Ramin Bastani, founder and CEO of Hula. “This gives us the chance to reach a large swatch of the millions of gay men active on mobile apps and help them make more informed decisions about their partners.”

MISTER focuses on a more “grown up” dating site and encourages users to respect each other and also stresses HIV education as part of that respect.