As more and more people become familiar with the forthcoming Google Glass, the wearable, Android powered smart glasses are drawing attention from state and local governments.

Google Glass has been in a large scale beta with a group of early adopters and Google developers. This group was able to purchase the “explorer edition” of Google Glass for a cool $1500. Most of those early adopters recently became eligible for a hardware upgrade. All of these are signals that Google is preparing a mass market rollout.

But before that even happens, Illinois State Senator, Ira Silverstein has proposed legislation that would ban Google Glass while driving. This is another effort to curb distracted driving.

Pantagraph.com reports reports that there is similar proposed legislation in Delaware and West Virginia.

“It’s just another way people will be distracted,” Silverstein said. “People’s attention to the road should not be interrupted.”

Google is taking these concerns seriously and warning users that they shouldn’t use Google Glass while driving.

“As you probably know, most states have passed laws limiting the use of mobile devices while driving any motor vehicle, and most states post those rules on their department of motor vehicles websites,” Google notes on their Google Glass website. “Read up and follow the law! Above all, even when you’re following the law, don’t hurt yourself or others by failing to pay attention to the road.”

Image: broadbandtvnews.com