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When developing apps, there are tons of repetitive and tedious tasks, many of which add no real value. There are tons of these tasks in app development, thing like setting up a server, a database, a development environment. When its all said and done, these are the tasks that take up a majority of development time. Backbeam has built a platform that allows developers to focus on coding new, unique features rather than wasting tons of time on repetitive tasks. The Backbeam team was kind enough to answer a few questions for us:


What does Backbeam do?

Backbeam is a complete mobile and web platform. With Backbeam you can focus on your app and not on the infrastructure. Backbeam offers you all the backend services for your web and mobile apps including: database, push notifications, users authentication, email delivery, optional server-side code, and a complete web framework.

Why did you guys build Backbeam?

Any developer, startup or company that wants to build web and mobile apps. Backbeam reduces the costs by half letting them focus on their apps rather than on the infrastructure.

After years of making web and mobile applications and repeating ourselves implementing similar features again and again we ended up with the idea of making a flexible and scalable backend to let developers focus on their apps and not wasting time on boilerplate and infrastructure stuff.

Tell us a little bit about the team

We have started some companies before, but all of them focused on ideas that offer some value but didn’t solve a real problem. With Backbeam we are making the service that any mobile or web developer will love, because it lets you focus on the things you love doing, freeing you from the boring, error-prone and repetitive work.

What’s the next step?

We are going to release an Open Source version of our product because we want to become the de-facto standard for backend services. No matter if we host your app or you host it yourself we want to be the API you rely on. With the Open Source version we also want everybody to collaborate and build new innovative things together.

We would like to thank the Backbeam team for answering our questions. Check out for more info.