JDBC Efficiency Tips For Java Application Developers

Java application developers come across JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) when it comes to connecting to a database. There is a JDBC driver, which is used by a Java application to connect to a database, and a JDBC API, which is related to programming. JDBC lets a developer connect to several databases. It is essentially the [...]

Mozilla to Release Browser for Developers

On Monday, Mozilla - the company behind the popular Firefox browser - made a pretty sizable announcement. According to a post on Mozilla's blog, on November 10th, the company will release a new browser built specifically for developers. The November 10th date is also the company's 10th anniversary: It makes a lot of sense to [...]

Dev’s Deploy Your Rails, Node.JS & PHP Apps Faster With VIADUCT

Developers developing in Ruby on Rails, Node.js and PHP know that deploying code can be a pain and stressful. The team at VIADUCT.io has designed and developed a platform that is easy to use and understand and takes the headache out of deploying code and apps. "Viaduct is an brand new application hosting platform allowing [...]

BootstrapBay: A Marketplace to Buy and Sell Bootstrap Themes

Bootstrap Themes Bootstrap Bay With all the different tools and frameworks available to developers and non-developers alike, it has become incredibly easy to build a website; not necessarily a quality site, but a site nonetheless. As platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and others have become more mature, you can pretty much get a website up [...]

6 Year Old Learns Programming In Less Than 10 Minutes With Bee-Bot at ISTE 2014

  There are a lot of companies out there making a name for themselves by saying that they are teaching kids how to program in a very short time. At ISTE 2014 we actually saw it happen when Terrapin Software taught our six year old special correspondent, Tatum, the fundamentals of programming in under ten [...]

The Wolfram Programming Cloud is Live: 1st Chance to use Wolfram Language

On Monday, June 24, on the 26th anniversary of the launch of Mathematica, Stephen Wolfram announced the launch of the Wolfram Programming Cloud. The Wolfram Programming Cloud is the first of a huge number of products centered around the Wolfram Language. The Wolfram Language is a new approach to programming, one that Wolfram calls a "knowledge [...]

Google Teases Android Wear Functionality and Development

  On Wednesday, a new video on the Google Developer YouTube channel gave us a new look at Android Wear. The video gives us a ton of new information about Google's foray into a wearable OS. There are a lot of things that stand out, but one of the most important takeaways - at least [...]

Mobit: Getting App Developers Paid

Developing apps and games isn't an easy job. In fact, less than 10% of apps submitted to the iOS or Android app stores make more than $100 over the course of their lives. Matomy aims to fix all of that by offering payment solutions as well as marketing support through mass exposure to mobile developers [...]

Create Diagrams For Anything With ProcessOn

   Anyone who has ever designed a website knows how important wireframing is. It is a great way to map out the look and feel of a site before diving in. However, there are very few good wireframing resources out there. Often, developers and designers use Photoshop and or some other image editor to create [...]

FbStart: Facebook is Offering $30,000 of Resources to Devs

Towards the end of April, Facebook announced FbStart, a new program providing mobile developers with a ton of free tools and resources. Somehow, we missed the initial announcement, but this is such a great opportunity for developers that we felt it would be prudent to mention it, even if we are more than a month [...]

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