Bat-Bike logoJust the other day, we saw the Marbel electric skateboard. Today we had a chance to check out the Bat-Bike electric bicycle. The Bat-Bike comes from maker of the Bat-Caddy line of electric golf bag caddys. I have to say, I am getting pretty excited about all of these electric powered personal vehicles.

Anyhow, here is how the Bat-Bike is described on the company’s One Spark Creator Profile:

Bat-Bike electric bicycles are electric motor assisted bicycles that can be pedaled traditionally or operated by a powerful electric motor fueled by an environmentally friendly lithium battery reaching speeds up to 20mph with a range of 50+ miles.1


Essentially, then, the electric motor of the Bat-Bike is more of a supplemental power source than a primary means of transportation. We had a chance to speak with the founder of the Bat-Bike, Peter Hanneforth, during One Spark. Hanneforth told us that, so far, people have been using the motor on the bike as way to supplement their own biking. That is, they use the motor to extend their rides by, say, using the motor going uphill, or at intervals throughout their normal rides to conserve energy.

The Bat-Bike is currently available in several different models, ranging from $1,300-2000. To Vote for the Bat-Bike, head over to their One Spark Creator Profile.

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