This year at One Spark, in addition to the popular crowd vote, there is a $10,000 juror awarded prize for the top creator in each category. Today, the jurors narrowed down each category to 3 finalists. The three finalists in the technology category are, in no particular order:

Flip Our Class:

Here is what we wrote about Flip Our Class earlier today:

Flip Our Class is a quasi-crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding moniker may be a misleading though. Flip Our Class allows teachers to post their innovative ideas, new classroom projects, or something as simple as a request for a new projector. After these projects are posted, they are queued up for the closets voting cycle. During this voting cycle, the campaign functions very much like a crowdfunding campaign, but instead of soliciting money, the projects are soliciting votes. At the end of the cycle, Flip Our Class allows the projects receiving the most votes to receive funds.


Here is what we wrote about about WaZINIT yesterday:

Wazinit is an app that allows the user to enter what foods they are allergic too and then takes those allergies and compares them against a database with tens of thousands of product, provided to the company by most of the giant food manufacturers. Once there is a comparison of a certain product the app lets the user know whether or not they can eat that food.

To make things even easier, Wazinit incorporates a barcode scanner that allows users to quickly scan a barcode in the grocery store and see if that food is on their good or bad list.


Partpic is a proprietary technology that facilitates search for replacement parts using a camera enabled mobile device. We provide a simple way to find parts using images, which is a relief when the name or part number is unknown. Our licensed technology will power both end-user facing mobile applications and enterprise ready software that aids customer service representatives in the sell process.1

Look for our interview with Partpic in the coming days.

Crowd Vote

Further, the top popular vote receivers were also revealed for the technology category. There is still one more day of voting left, but right now, here are the most popular tech projects:

Flip Our Class is killing it. They have the potential to win both the popular vote and the jury prize. As soon as the winner is announced tomorrow night, we will let you know.