bonoIn what seems to be an unusual investing note, Bono, of U2 fame, and his Elevation Partners equity firm just took part in Shop-Hers $3.5M round.1 Shop-Hers is an online high-end clothing consignment marketplace. Or in their own words:

Shop Hers is the only luxury marketplace dedicated exclusively to pre-owned designer fashion. We curate our community to guarantee authenticity & quality.2

High-end does not even do the website justice. These items are the exception, but you can have your very own Cartier Watch for $10,500, or a Hermes Orange Ostrich purse for $16,000, or a BVLGARI gold and diamond necklace for $12,500. Bono’s Elevation Partners investment in the company seems to be a match made in heaven.

As, “Bono is also a committed and successful activist in global politics and development policy,”3 and as “Shop-Hers currently leads in the international community giving women in over 129 countries access to Shop-Hers closets and an app in development will give women the ability to buy and sell on the go,”4 it seems a perfect marriage. In the announcement of the round, Shop-Hers CEO Jaclyn Shanfeld stated as much:

At Shop-Hers we are committed to changing the way the world perceives and ultimately shops sustainable fashion…Bono is no stranger to massively influencing human behavior and with him beside us we are certain that our dream will be realized that much faster.5

Sustainable indeed.

As women all over the world gain access to Shop-Hers, there is no limit to what might be accomplished. Progress marches on, bringing the world closer to that pivotal moment when everyone will be on the same playing field. Perhaps we will come to remember this date – the day Bono invested in Shop-Hers – as the day that changed the world forever. Or, perhaps, it is just a clothing ecommerce site. Who is really to say?