Brash-OneSparkSeveral companies have tried to reinvent the rewards and discount system. Serial entrepreneur Ben Tyson has an unusually loud pulse on the space. He was actually early on in the rewards space with his company Five and Fifty but with the onslaught that was Groupon and Living Social he let those projects take a back seat. All the while studying the industry and more specifically how people used rewards and discounts and what issues they caused not only the merchants but the merchant processors.

Brash is a company born out of all that knowledge.

Brash starts with a loadable off rails Master Card. Sure it adds a physical card to the component but if you think about it you already have a two step process when redeeming discounts and rewards already. Whether you have your loyalty cards stored in your Passbook or your KeyRing app, or you still have a bunch of key tag reward cards, you still present the card before your payment. Brash simplifies all that.

Brash works with top quality merchants and local merchants as well. They allow the merchants to create big specials for their loyal Brash users, for example say $20 cash reward to use at Dicks sporting goods. When Brash secures that deal, Brash users are notified and the $20 is instantly sent to their card. There is a limited amount of time on redemption and once the clock runs out the money is gone.

Brash can also tie a secondary discount to that special, like 25% off any Nike products and yes you can use both discounts. The money is coming directly off the card, as if you paid with a gift card. If the Brash reward covers the entire cost you’re done if there is money left to be paid you pay it anyway that you normally would.

$20 may sound like a lot but in the grand scheme of things it’s not because of what’s happening in the back of Brash and what Brash offers the merchant customer.

With Brash, there is NO risk to the merchant. Essentially Brash will get a merchant to do say a $50,000 campaign of giving $20 away that’s going to be spent in their store. The money Brash receives is held in escrow while the promotion is going on and the unused funds are returned to the merchant. Brash takes a small percentage of those funds as payment. Voila.

While the physical card is Brash’s only drawback all the other components sure look like Tyson and the team at Brash have solved the loyalty and reward problem.

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