runsafetytopPersonal safety devices are nothing new. Pepper spray has been around for decades and there are a ton of personal safety devices either tied into apps, or cell phone cases. Run Safety, while not in the direct “tech” category, is a personal safety device currently on the market that makes incredible sense. It’s actually hard to believe that no one has thought of this idea before.

Run Safety is a pepper spray device that functions a lot like Spider Man’s spider web shooters.

runsafety2RunSafety fits around your hand and wrist and fastens at your wrist. The device comfortably fits around the hand and while you’re wearing it allows you to continue using your hands freely while you still have your safety as a top priority.

Domonique Torrence tells us that the idea for Runsafety came when a friend of his was attacked while they were still in college. The two had been studying together and when they split up to head for their dorms Torrence’s friend, a woman, had her pepper spray on the ready. She had it in her hand for the short walk back to her dorm. However she was blindsided by her attacker, beaten and raped. Torrence was shocked, and felt bad but initially thought she would be ok.  He knew there had to be a better way.

With RunSafety, the device is always attached to the user. Often times those with pepper spray, safety alarms and even knives or guns that they may have as safety devices, don’t have the chance to get to the device because they are caught off guard during the attack.

With RunSafety the user just flips open the safety with their thumb and before the attacker even realizes that the victim has some kind of device, they are hit with pepper spray.

” I like it a lot more than pepper spray that clips to your handbag” Lisa Robetson told us at OneSpark. “The one time I thought I needed to use it I couldn’t get it off the ring on my purse. Luckily for me it was a false alarm”. Robertson said she was going to go home and order a RunSafety, from

A Jacksonville Police Officer (we didn’t catch his name), said he has been eyeing Torrence and the run safety all week long at OneSpark. “I’ve got two daughters in college and this makes a lot more sense than what’s available now”.

A few of the Bluetooth creators at OneSpark said that they planned to reach out to Torrence and talk to him about incorporating a Bluetooth panic button into the pepper spray’s release button potentially allowing users to notify their friends, family and authorities that for some reason they needed to activate the pepper spray.

The device is available now at

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