Bright Fingers

For as long as typing has been around, there has yet to be a perfected method of teaching the skill. There are a bunch of different approaches, but none seem to bee 100% accepted. However, while we were at ISTE, we came across an ingenious approach to teaching the skill.

Bright Fingers 1


Essentially, Bright Fingers teaches students touch typing in the easiest way possible, by showing them:

BrightFingers eliminates the need to hunt for the right key. It lights up the way, showing you clearly which key to press through a lighting keyboard and great big colorful circles on your screen.

Plus, BrightFingers also comes with wicked cool gloves — the colored fingers show you which to use for each key.

BrightFingers is like training-wheels for your fingers: you get to type successfully from the very first minute. Later, once you’ve started to get the hang of things, it shifts your learning focus to fully internalizing the locations of each key, while guiding you each step of the way.1

The teachers and students have spoken. Bright Fingers just successfully completed a Kickstarter Campaign, raising a whopping $14,190 to bring their teaching aid to market.

We had a chance to check out Bright Fingers during ISTE. Our 6 year old special correspondent, Tatum, gave the typing platform a whirl: