If you are like us, sometimes it can be hard to manage your time. With so many tasks to get to, and so little time, it can be a hassle juggling all of them. Often, figuring out how to approach the problem takes up precious time. Anyhow, we just came across a new startup – MeKiwi OY – who wants to help people manage their time more effectively. MeKiwi has just launched a new app, Wimble, aimed at doing just that. We had a chance to ask the Mekiwi team a few questions about Wimble:

What is Mekiwi?

Mekiwi Oy (“Mekiwi”) is freshly founded startup which delivers easy-to-use and smart one-stop solutions for helping people to manage their daily life. Mekiwi encourages people to succeed and makes them achieve their personal goals. Company’s products and services unite fun, practicality, intelligence and social elements into one. Mekiwi’s focus is to conduct business globally and develop software for mobile platforms along with other possible platforms.

Mekiwi is currently developing its very first product, named Wimble, for mobile platforms. Wimble is smart all-in-one mobile application for helping people to manage their time and life more efficiently. Solution brings playfulness into time management combined with social and smart elements.

This one-stop solution is designed to be light, user-friendly and very practical to use. Users can customize their own user experience by changing the appearance of the application and by adding extensions of their very own choice. Users can also store their notes and task lists in following ways: writing text, taking photos, recording voice and tag all these with location details. This solution works online and offline.

The product is also very safe to use for the users. It does not collect any unwanted information. This means that users will stay anonymous and their privacy is well-protected. Users can also store and make backups of data into cloud service platform, and one-way sync their online calendars with the product. In addition to these features users can share everything with others and invite them easily for different kind of activities. For example users can send to-do lists for others to help them to remember something important. Users can also discuss via instant messaging things related to calendar events.

Who is Wimble product aimed at?

Wimble is aimed for smartphone users, aged between 16-60 years, who want to outsource and socialize their time management via smartphones. The users of this application value practicality, lightness, reliability, all-in-one solutions and their intention is to find an app which makes their daily life easier in a way they really want to. This segmentation covers global markets.

Why did you build Wimble?

Other applications do not really focus on the main issue. The main issue is how to get things done instead of just stacking tasks of different sizes into to-do lists. In fact this usually leads into a situation that people spend more time making these tasks into their applications instead of doing anything. They use these applications for some time, and then they just stop, because they cannot really get the value they are looking for. Wimble focuses on this main issue and gives real value for customers. Wimble is going to be with people everywhere and it really helps them to manage their daily life. Wimble delivers always powerful kick when it is needed. Instead of doing nothing people really start doing things with Wimble. So, all-in-all Wimble will motivate its users.

How is Wimble different from what is currently available?

At the moment there are no similar products on the market that Mekiwi is developing. However it is a known fact that there are similar-looking products for time management and making different kind of notes. Compared to Mekiwi’s product, all competitive products lack of fun, practicality, customization, motivational aspects, intelligence and social elements in some way. Mekiwi is aiming directly to have all these features in Wimble, and by providing privacy for its users, Mekiwi aims to be trustworthy company. Wimble is also a real all-in-one solution.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Mekiwi has a short history, but a long background. Before founding a new company, the founding members have been benchmarking markets for a long time to find out the best way to conduct business. Together they found a very potential way to enter the markets easily and decided to start doing business together in software- and mobile industry. After that Mekiwi was founded on 18th of February in 2014. At first there was only a smaller “ah ha” moment. The real moment came to us during the end of spring 2014. Now we know exactly, how we can succeed.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Mekiwi was founded in spring 2014 by following persons: Antti Kananen, Jani Kaipainen and Ville Vuorma. Even the founders might seem young; they are very experienced in their own fields and have positive entrepreneurial attitudes. Together they form a very trustworthy, visionary and goal oriented team. Antti is working as a CEO and handles technical things in Mekiwi, Jani is working as a CMO and Ville is working as a CDO. Jani and Ville both are handling our marketing activies as well as digital marketing activities.

What’s the next step? What are your short-term goals?

Wimble will be released for Android during autumn 2014. Before that we will launch a crowdfunding campaign. This will be announced soon, so please stay tuned.

Mekiwi’s long-term goals are:
1. Sustainable growth and profitable operations
2. One (1) million downloads for the first year (2014)
3. 50 million active users
4. Product is the first application that will be installed on every device
5. Product is new standard for managing time, making notes and sharing
6. Design and develop many other innovative products which will follow company’s values

Where can people find out more?