BucketwishAnother one of the One Spark Creators that we were really looking forward to checking out was Bucketwish. Essentially, Bucketwish is an online platform, through which users can share their goals, wishes and bucket lists in a social media setting:

Bucketwish.com is a social media platform designed to organize and enhance gift giving for traditional and non-traditional events. Allowing users to create and manage wish, bucket, and customized gift lists, Bucketwish makes it easy to share wishes, goals, achievements, and gifting experiences in an effort to make your dreams come true.1

Bucketwish in use
The whole idea behind Bucketwish is that if users put their wishes and goals out there, for the world to see, they are more likely to happen; sharing wises and goals also beings your immediate group of friends and family into the process, allowing them to know and see what your wishes are. Bucketwish allows your friends and family to join the process, and perhaps help you reach these goals.

Kyle hit on a really interesting point in our Bucketwish One Spark Preview. By approaching your bucket list in a social way, the chances of success are much greater:

We’ve all seen the effects of big wishes across social media, just ask Batkid or Colin’s parents. If you take those social principles [those that are a part of Bucketwish] of success from those two gigantic viral wishes, and scale them back to the size of the average person’s social network, small miracles, and wishes can be completed.

We had a chance to speak with some members of the Bucketwish team during One Spark. They told us a bit more about the software side of the project, as well as some more about the guiding idea behind the platform:

For more info on Bucketwish, check out their website.

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