Bump Armor

In case you haven’t noticed from our coverage, we tend to drop things. Often. If you have the same problem, we may have just found the perfect product for you. Bump Armor builds some of the coolest, most useful iPad cases that we have seen. Never mind that Bump Armor cases were specifically designed for kids, I want one.

What really makes the Bump Armor cases stand out is the material that they are made of. Made of a non-toxic EVA foam, the case has been tested for, and passed the Military Standard 810G-516.6 foot Drop Test. Here is how the company describes the case:

Bump Armor is made of specially formulated closed cell EVA foam that absorbs impact when the iPad is dropped. We use high quality impact absorbing materials that can be found in professional level athletics like shock absorbing running shoes and protective athletic gear. The perfect way to protect your iPad investment.

Bump Armor protective case offer the markets best protection from a world full of dangers. Teachers and parents can now have worry free drop protection with our amazing products. Our case is ergonomically designed with style and safety in mind.

Ok, that’s enough talking about the Bump Armor cases. Check out this awesome demo that we saw at the Bump Armor exhibit at FETC 2014:

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