Moo, NFC, NFC By Moo, TechThere are dozens of apps available for iOS and Android that allow you to scan the important information off of a business card and add it to your contact list. One of the ones I like the most is Hello by Evernote. In addition to scanning the card it notes the time and you can enter in a note as to how and where you met the contact which comes in handy later on.

Since Samsung and HTC began introducing NFC (Near Field Communication) people have started to realize NFC’s true potential. More and more merchant services are allowing NFC payments via a smartphone, eliminating the need for plastic credit cards in wallets. Other are using NFC to transfer data from one device to another.

Apple has yet to pick up NFC. Many analysts though they would include NFC in the latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 5S but were let down when the phone debuted in September. It’s been reported that Apple is working on a competing technology, meanwhile NFC continues to make a significant footprint across the mobile space.

One company that has realized the potential for NFC is Moo. Moo is a new-comer to the do it yourself business card space, and an aesthetically better looking product than VistaPrint. Moo has made in-roads with the technology community by offering free business card promotions at hundreds of technology related events.

They also continue to innovate in the business card space, offering new ways to create and layout cards, and now they’ve mixed technology with off-line media, and in this regard, the business card.

In what the company calls “NFC by Moo, Business Cards That Link To Your Digital World”, they are offering a card with a “third side” that side being an NFC chip that’s embedded in between two layers of business card paper. The chip doesn’t make the card that much thicker either.

Now the natural thought with an NFC enabled business card is that you will have your business card info embedded in the card to easily upload to the other persons phone. While you can do that, the possibilities are endless as Moo says on their website.

You can have the NFC chip take someone to your website, your online portfolio, a video, perhaps a tour of a property your showing or maybe the latest song from your newest album.

There’s really nothing better to say about the NFC by Moo than it makes perfect sense.

NFC By Moo isn’t live just yet but you can sign up here to be one of the first to know when they take it live, and what the pricing will be.