Newsomatic The News App For Kids Goes Android At ISTE 2014

  Newsomatic Android Newsomatic, the app that we called "The Weekly Reader For Today's Modern Classroom" was at ISTE 2014 in the startup pavilion showing off a new way for kids to take in the news, and their hot off the presses Android version of the app. We already knew that Newsomatic presented five original stories [...]

Stop Hurting Your Student’s Eyes, Check Out Polyvision

While it may seem like a good idea, using a white board for a projector is actually really bad on the eyes. The glare that comes from most white boards. When white boards are used for projection screens there are often spots that are sometimes referred to as "sun spots" that appear in the middle [...]

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EdTech: Amazing Virtual Reality Moves Into The Classroom With zSpace [ISTE 2014]

Zspace Virtual Reality Classroom The ISTE  (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference 2014 was full of awesome EdTech products. However, there was one product in particular that really stood out. The zSpace was far and away the most interesting thing that we, or at least I, looked at. Although the zSpace was one of the [...]

Wonderment: A Creative Platform For Kids Across the World

While we were at ISTE during this week, we had a chance to meet with a bunch of EdTech startups. In fact, there was a whole section of the expo floor dedicated to startups. Anyhow, one of these startups really stood out. Kidnected World is an incredibly unique company for a number of reasons. Firstly, [...]

After Throwing Lots of iPads 6 Year Old Gives Gripcase Her Seal Of Approval [ISTE 2014]

Gripcase iPad Case For Kids The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference was a lot of fun for our six year old correspondent Tatum F. As we were pulling out of Atlanta we asked what her favorite part of the conference was and she said robots and throwing iPads. The conference featured over [...]

Tackk: A Simple One-Page Website Builder [ISTE 2014]

Tackk Simple One Page Website Builder There were a ton of great products at ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) 2014. The great majority of these products, in line with the EdTech theme, were education based. However, we came across one that can be used by just about anyone. Tackk is a simple website builder. [...]

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Graphite Can Tell You If Something Is Really Educational [ISTE]

Common Sense Media Graphite A year ago at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in San Diego Common Sense Media introduced Graphite. Common Sense Media is the company, that for the past eleven years, has provided parents, families, care-takers, and educators a simple and easy to use platform to find out if [...]

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Panasonic’s IR Audio System Is Best And Safest In Class [ISTE 2014]

Panasonic Classroom Safety Panasonic's IR Audio System for classrooms is best in class. It's a feature packed audio system for the classroom that insures that every student can hear the teacher clearly. What sits at the center of the system though, is actually around the teachers neck. A lightweight remote control of sorts is integrated [...]

6 Year Old Checks Out The Open Source Play Surface Multi-Touch Display Table [ISTE 2014]

  Open Source Smart Table As an alternative to expensive multi-touch display surfaces, a group of hobbyist engineers decided to try to build their own and in doing so, open source the hardware and the software. What came together was a community created project called the Play Surface at Of course there are multiple [...]

Is That iPad Case Really Tough Enough For A Six Year Old [ISTE 2014][Video]

Big Grips iPad Case Test There are plenty of iPad case manufacturers out there that claim their cases are made for kids. Some have done exhaustive testing and deemed that yes they could be put to the test, and some have been implemented in classrooms and lived up to their claim. Our six year old [...]