ScootPad: Web Based K-5 Learning Platform

Scootpad Web Learning Platform Throughout the course of ISTE last week, we saw a ton of great companies, a ton of interesting software, and some great robotics kits. Generally, however, all of these different products fell into a few main areas. As such, ScootPad really went against the norm. ScootPad offers a web based learning [...]

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Securly Is Right For Education [ISTE 2014]

Securly Filtering Education Web monitoring, filtering and blocking in schools is serious business. There are a lot of "enterprise" companies out there that have taken on education as a vertical, but don't necessarily address the needs of today's modern classroom. A filtering solution for an office may totally block YouTube or Wikipedia. Why do a [...]

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Principal’s Experiment With 3 Teachers Turns Into LearnZillion Now 420,000 Teachers Strong

Common Core LearnZillion When Eric Westendorf was the principal at E.L Haynes Public Charter School in Washington DC, things were going well. The school started to get recognized as a top performer. While many principals and educators may have just basked in the glory of the recognition Westendorf wanted to know how his teachers were [...]

The Lumos SmartHub Makes Managing Class Tech Easy

Lumos Smart Hub ISTE 2014 We saw a ton of great stuff at ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) 2014 Conference. That said, one of our most favorite products was the Lumos SmartHub. In a nutshell, the Lumos SmartHub is an in-classroom device that works as the centralized hub for all the various classroom [...]

Vex Robotics Wows 6 Year Old Reporter At ISTE 2014

Vex Robotics ISTE 2014 Our 6 year old special correspondent Tatum F enjoyed playing with lots of robots at the International Society for Technology in Education conference. The first video interview she did was with a high school student who had won a Vex Robotics competition prior to ISTE. A robot called the Bee-Bot helped [...]

Listen Edition: Incorporating the Power of Radio into Education

Listen Edition ISTE At the ISTEĀ (International Society for Technology in Education) conferenceĀ 2014, there were a ton of great high-tech solutions for educators. A ton. From robots to apps to 3D interfaces, the advances in the EdTech industry are astounding. However, we came across one startup that is capturing the power of one of the oldest [...]

Modular Robotics: Simple to use Robotics Kits for Ages 4+

Modular Robotics STEM Throughout the course of ISTE 2014, we heard over and over how important it is to expose children to technology during school. However, while this was a common theme, a large majority of the products that were on display were incredibly complex. This was especially true in the case of robotics. Now [...]

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GripCase Applies The Toms Buy One Give One Model To iPad Cases

We love to call it slacktivism but companies like Tom's shoes have made it so easy to give back just by purchasing their product. Now we've learned that Gripcase, the company that makes the iPad case our 6 year old ISTE correspondent loved, has applied the same model to their line of iPad cases for [...]

If You Loved Erector Sets Your Kids Will Love Tetrix Robotics By Pitsco Education [ISTE]

Tetrix Robotics In The Classroom If you loved Erector sets growing up, your kids will love Tetrix Robotics by Pitsco Education. There are a few companies doing robotics in the classroom right, and one of those is Pitsco Education with their Tetrix Robotics kits. These kits will remind you of Erector sets of the 70's [...]

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6 Year Old Talks Tales2Go And SpongeBob With William Weil

The Techfaster team got sidetracked on Monday morning at the International Society For Technology In Education (ISTE) conference in Atlanta Georgia. Our six year old special event corespondent Tatum F, had found the Tale2Go booth. Tales2Go is a Netflix like service that streams a giant catalog of kids audio books to whatever device kids have [...]