Sacramento Kings To Accept Bitcoin

(photo: USAToday/Gannet) The Sacramento Kings have been struggling to stay right where they are, in the state capital of California. They're one of four NBA teams in the state, amongst the LA Lakers, LA Clippers and Golden State Warriors. In fact they are only 90 minutes away from the Warriors, which of course [...]

Watch As I Sign Up And Get Started With Bitcoin In 15 Seconds At CES With This Machine

Bitcoin was most definitely all the rage at CES 2014. We saw some great companies that are utilizing the private, digital currency in e-commerce, as browser plugins and even creating social networks around it. So with all the talk about Bitcoin and all that we've written about it, I wanted my own Bitcoin account. I [...]

Texas Congressman Embraces BitCoin

Texas Congressman Steve Stockman and Bitcoin Center founder Nick Spanos (photo: The Bit Pages) We've head time and time again about politicians and elected representatives turning to new technologies to power their campaigns. The social and political power of Twitter was shown to the world in the 2008 Presidential election and again in [...]

Online Retail Giant To Start Accepting Bitcoin

Earlier this month we reported that Bitcoin, the virtual currency, received a vote of confidence in a recent report from Bank Of America. While that didn't start a huge surgence of Bitcoin commerce on a general public level, hearing about new companies accepting Bitcoin has become a weekly ritual. Just before the Bank Of America [...]

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