BitcoinmachineBitcoin was most definitely all the rage at CES 2014. We saw some great companies that are utilizing the private, digital currency in e-commerce, as browser plugins and even creating social networks around it. So with all the talk about Bitcoin and all that we’ve written about it, I wanted my own Bitcoin account. I had heard though, that it can take a little bit of time to get your Bitcoin wallet started.

Well at CES we met the people behind the Lamassu Bitcoin machine. Now don’t get it confused with an ATM. The machine doesn’t dispense cash for Bitcoin, it does the opposite. Lamassu’s machine lets you take your Bitcoin wallet QR code and load cash into the machine and quickly have it delivered into your Bitcoin account.

The company plans to start shipping the machines in the next few months and they already have over a hundred orders.

The Bitcoin machine solves a major pain point for people looking o get into the Bitcoin economy by allowing them to side step digitally loading money into their Bitcoin account and using cash. It also helps keep it totally anonymous.

The Bitcoin machine works with just about every Bitcoin app available and accepts currency from over 200 currencies. You’ll be able to find locations for the Bitcoin machine here. If you want to buy the Bitcoin machine for your business you can click here.