Has The iPad Met It’s Match In Common Core?

The memes are everywhere. Parents that grew up in the 70's, 80's and 90's are stumped by the new "Common Core" state standards in education. These standards are supposed to insure that kids in Omaha Nebraska are proficient in the exact same things that kids in Tallahassee Florida are. The idea behind common core seems [...]

Teachers May Want To Ask For TheO Smartball This Holiday Season

With the major surge in educational technology we've seen this year, edtech is definitely "in" this holiday season. TheO Smart Ball by Physical Apps is an educational technology product that has classrooms everywhere moving, shaking, learning and working together, that's why it's going to make a great holiday gift, not just for teachers but for [...]

Helpified: Pocket for Educators

  . We have covered a ton of EdTech startups lately, but we just came across one of the more interesting products. Helpified is a pretty unique platform. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Helpified has built a platform that allows teachers and individuals to gather resources in a simple way. Think of it as sort of [...]

Educational Shower Curtains: An Amazing Analog Learning Tool

When you're trying to help your child master shapes, colors, words, the alphabet, math facts, site words and other basics that are fundamental to today's common core education, we often think to look to apps. But even apps have drawbacks. There are some amazing apps out there for all those basic skill sets but with [...]

ScholarsAd: Student to Student Marketplace

We just came across a really interesting new startup. ScholarsAd is a college-based student to student marketplace. Sure, there is Craigslist, but that is inherently sketchy. ScholarsAd takes all of this sketchiness out of buying and selling unused goods. We had a chance to ask the ScholarsAd Team a few questions about their marketplace: ScholarsAd [...]

Mobile’s Place In The Classroom [EdTech]

Now with just about all of the nation's children back in school mobilefuture.org took a look at some important trends in edtech and mobile learning. They've compiled all this information into a new infographic called "EdTech + Mobile = Learning" showcasing the tremendous promise wireless technologies offer both students and educators. Although I am a huge [...]

Rollybot Is An Amazing New Robot And Camera

One look at this Korean companies Indiegogo campaign video and you may think that Rollybot should be called Rollycam. The round, ball like robot is reminiscent of a Sphero ball with a camera on it, but when you peel back the shell there's so much more. Rollybot is a feature packed smartphone controlled rolling robot [...]

Huge Back To School Season For Teacherlists.com

There are a lot of great edtech sites out there for parents, but one that definitely takes the cake is teacherlists.com. Now this site doesn't offer lesson plans, homework ideas or math flash cards. More importantly it offers ease and convenience for parents in a very busy and somewhat emotional time for parents, Back to [...]

Students Retain More With Actual Books Than Devices? [EdTech]

The proponents of the traditional classroom and the edtech naysayers have been insisting over the past few years that students need to learn from actual books. Most feel that these more traditional educators just aren't caught up with the times. But they've been screaming loudly. Here at Techfaster we've seen first hand the effects of [...]

New Minecraft Add-On To Help Teach Kids To Program [Ed Tech]

Last Spring at SXSWedu, MinecraftEDU was a huge hit. MinecraftEDU is a way that teachers can take a popular game with middle school and early high school aged children and apply it to principals in STEM focused education. There are several lessons around architecture, physics, and problem solving that can be gained from using Minecraft [...]