Just what is a Raspberry Pi? [Infographic]

After out post on the 1080Pi yesterday, we have received a few questions. There were a bunch of different ones, but it seems that there is a fundamental misunderstanding about the Raspberry Pi itself. Well, it just so happens that we came across a pretty good infographic on the subject. ComputerScienceZone has done a pretty good [...]

Mobile’s Place In The Classroom [EdTech]

Now with just about all of the nation's children back in school mobilefuture.org took a look at some important trends in edtech and mobile learning. They've compiled all this information into a new infographic called "EdTech + Mobile = Learning" showcasing the tremendous promise wireless technologies offer both students and educators. Although I am a huge [...]

Are You A Tech-Savvy Teacher, This Infographic Will Tell You

Through the course of our "summer school" here at Techfaster we've met plenty of tech savvy educators. From ISTE in early July to the NAESP show and Campus Tech that wrapped up this week, teachers, administrators and education enthusiasts were learning, sharing, and networking with each other. These are definitely the tech savvy teacher type, [...]

EdTech: BYOD or 1:1 [infographic]

There are so many buzzwords in EdTech. In fact we compiled this cheat sheet of sorts as we headed into the International Society for Technology in Education show earlier this month. Two of the big buzzwords are 1:1 and BYOD. BYOD is bring your own device and 1:1 is when the school, or district distributes [...]

People Are Talking About Wearable Tech [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wearable Tech Infographic Saying that wearable tech has exploded could be the understatement of the year. Just search the pages of any technology blog, like Techfaster.com, and you'll find more and more stories about wearable technologies. From Google Glass, to Fit Bit, to the latest piece of wearable technology making the crowdfunding circuit, the world [...]

How Did We Ever Entertain Ourselves Before YouTube? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You know those lists that come out every year which highlight things that students graduating high school never experienced? They're all done in an effort to make the adults feel older. Well there's going to come a time in the not so distant future when kids graduating high school won't remember life before YouTube. For [...]

Zynga: Rollercoasterville

Unfortunately for Zynga this isn't a brand new game where you can collaborate with millions of people across the world to create the best roller coasters on earth. It's not the latest in a strong of casual social games like Farmville and Cityville that brought Zynga to the forefront in the social gaming space. Nope, [...]

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Google, Apple, and the Top 10 Most Valuable Brands [Infographic]

In 2013, Google overtook Apple as the most valuable company in the world. Apple had held that title for three straight years. We were just forwarded an infographic from FinancesOnline, that provides a look into the top brands of 2014. Further, in his excellent write-up preceding the infographic, David Adelman - deputy business and finance editor at [...]

What States Have The Best Apple Deals [infographic]

Apple has become increasingly popular in the United States and around the world. According to Apple CEO (and Auburn alum) Tim Cook, over 130 million people became new Apple customers this year along, buying their first Apple device. Regardless of your opinion on iPhones and iPads, both devices have helped fuel the sales of Macbooks, [...]

The EdTech Cheat Sheet You’ve Been Waiting For [infographic]

You've probably noticed by now we here at Techfaster have become pretty passionate about education technology. Although I've personally been in the tech media for over a decade, it wasn't until my daughter started Kindergarten, three years ago, that I realized how much edTech was out there. EdTech has quickly become our most popular vertical [...]