Common Sense Media’s Graphite Releases Top Tech Picks For Teachers

Earlier this summer at ISTE we got a chance to talk with Common Sense Media about Graphite. Graphite, is a platform that works similarly to Common Sense Media but instead of evaluating how age appropriate an app, game or website is for kids, it looks at how educational websites, games and apps are. Common Sense [...]

Crescerance: Helping Schools go Mobile

    There is no question about the importance of mobile. That said, there is a question about mobile within an education setting. For the great majority of schools and school districts, it is just not feasible to commission a mobile app. However, we just came across a company that dramatically reduces costs, and makes is [...]

Chromebooks Gaining On Apple In The Classroom [EdTech]

As many school systems across the country start heading back to school, there is more and more technology available. In what was once a market dominated by Apple, there is now stiff competition, and it's not coming from PCs. Apple has had a presence in the classroom since the mid 1980's. Apple started catering to [...]

TutStu: A ReverbNation for Teachers

   We just came across a really interesting new EdTech Startup: TutStu. The company is still in private beta, but looks to open a public beta here in the next month or two. Anyhow, TutStu has a pretty unique platform. Essentially, it is sort of a ReverbNation for teachers. We had a chance to ask [...]

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It’s Time For The Annual Back To School EdTech Survey

EdTech's version of Kassandra, Audrey Watters has been keeping track of teacher's most anticipated back to school tech since 2010, ya know before EdTech was so amazingly huge. After a summer of being inundated with the latest and greatest in tech for the classroom we've seen a lot of great stuff. ISTE 2014 along with [...]

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EdTech: TheO SmartBall Is The Must Have Interactive EdTech Toy This Year

There are a lot of great edtech toys out there, especially this time of year. The Techfaster team is in the midst of Summer School and we've been to just about all of the exciting edtech conferences across the country. Robotic kits, programmable devices and even interactive tables have been on the top of our [...]

EdTech: Lumos Takes The Headache Out Of Classroom Technology

Schools are getting smarter, more technologically advanced. EdTech isn't something for just early adopters and teachers living on the cutting edge. Technology is becoming firmly entrenched in today's modern classroom and this trend is only going to continue. Right now that presents a problem for lots of schools, which until now, didn't have a very [...]

Teacher’s Take To Kickstarter To Save EdShelf

EdShelf is like the Wikipedia of Edtech wrapped up with a little Common Sense. Not too far off in mission from Graphite, EdShelf is a self curated directory of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs and electronic products for teaching and learning. While Graphite by Common Sense Media provides some of this same functionality they're doing [...]

Drawp The Simple Award Winning Classroom Management App Comes To Android

Drawp is one of the easiest apps to use for classroom management. Born out of a unique art app for kids with an amazing art engine and an incredibly easy to use sharing system, Drawp for School takes that same functionality and spreads it across the classroom. With Drawp For School a teacher can use [...]

EdTech: Saundz Is A Great Way To Teach Pronunciation

In today's transient world more and more people are moving to English speaking countries, including, of course, the United States. ESOL (English as a second language) isn't just about kids in school who've migrated from another country, people of all ages are learning not just just the language but how to pronounce things in English. [...]

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