Facebook Is Growing Up, Introducing Facebook At Work?

You know you already Facebook at work. You pretend that nobody sees you but then forget that your boss is also your Facebook friend, so whoops you're busted. In most cases, if you're not disrupting the work flow you get a pass. You can coo at your niece and nephews photos and read the latest [...]

Facebook to Remove Messaging From App, Force Users to Messenger

Over the coming week or so, Facebook will discontinue messaging within its main Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps. If users want to send messages through Facebook, they will now have to do so through the company's standalone Messenger app. This move has been in the works for a few months, and has already been [...]

Facebook Messenger Finally Lands On iPad

Facebook has really improved their mobile messaging experience. Their Facebook Messenger app combines traditional Facebook messages with Facebook chat messages in one simple to use, beautifully easy to read app. The app has been available on iPhones for a while, but now it's available on iPad as well. As gottabemobile.com reports, you could always use [...]

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