Flipbook – A New Take on Self-destructing Photos

"Flipbook grew out of a frustration with the existing photo sharing apps. Snapchat does not allow for group communication and Instagram publishes photos to all of your followers. Instagram tried to solve this problem with Instagram Direct, but it failed at keeping groups cohesive."

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Holiday Gift Guide: Booq Introduces An Amazing Camera Bag

If you us a DSLR camera, I mean really use a DSLR camera than you know the value of a good bag. You need a bag that's comfortable, yet roomy and spacious enough to hold the gear you use the most. You also want something that's stylish. Finally you want to make sure your camera [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Nikon’s D3200 Entry Level DSLR Packed With Features

Nikon has a wide variety of top tier DSLR cameras. Their new DF is definitely on my wish list, but what if you're ready to make the plunge from point and shoot to DSLR? What camera Nikon camera should you consider? The Nikon D3200 is a great camera for an active family memory keeper with [...]