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Flipbook is a new photo sharing app, in the same vein as Snapchat, though with a marked difference. Flipbook launched on December 17, 2013. One of Flipbook’s founder, McArthur Gill, was kind enough to tell us a little bit about the new app. 

TechFaster: So what is Flipbook?

McArthur: Flipbook allows users to share photos within groups, but once a user flips past a photo, he or she can never return to that photo, giving it the ephemeral feel of Snapchat. It has the same photo-editing tools including filters, drawing capabilities, and text overlay, but with one glaring difference: a photo your friend sends can be easily captured allowing you to edit their photo before resending it back to the group.

What made you decide to build Flipbook?

McArthur: Flipbook grew out of a frustration with the existing photo sharing apps.  Snapchat does not allow for group communication and Instagram publishes photos to all of your followers. Instagram tried to solve this problem with Instagram Direct, but it failed at keeping groups cohesive.

Our “ah ha” moment came while talking about Snapchats through text. We felt that when we found ourselves using two services to complement one another, there was clearly something lacking in the existing products. We then “plugged in”, which is what we call it when we go on programming binges. Just a few weeks later, we were able to launch the beta version of Flipbook.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your co-founder:

McArthur: Will Schreiber and I, McArthur Gill, are the two co-founders.  We are both developers and have worked together for years.  During our last semester at Vanderbilt (Spring 2013), we were accepted into the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, where we created Stadium Stock Exchange presented by Nissan.  We developed a mobile app for both iOS and Android, as well as a website (www.stadiumse.com). Our other notable product is Ragechill, a music discovery engine.  We have developed both an iOS app and website (www.ragechill.com), which, at its peak, has served over 500,000 song plays per day.

So what’s next for you guys?

McArthur: Our next step is to continue honing and building the product to make it as compelling as possible.

We would like to thank McArthur Gill for taking the time to answer our questions. Be sure to download Flipbook on iOS for Free.