Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Smart Watches to Consider

As the holiday shopping period is just about at the home stretch, we have a couple last minute ideas. As smart watches are set exploding in popularity, here are some great examples to consider.

Orbotix Has The Answer To Amazon’s Drones, It’s Amazon Prime Ground

Amazon manages to find themselves in the news all the time. Luckily for the largest e-commerce company in the world, it's often good news. Sometimes, it's out of this world news, or at least off the ground news. Like when Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced two weeks ago that he's exploring the idea [...]

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX Payment Plan Is A Win-Win

Amazon made big news this weekend (well they tend to make big news a lot), not for drones, robots or fresh delivered groceries, but for offering financing to just about anyone that wants their new Kindle Fire HDX tablet. The Kindle Fire HDX is their newest, biggest, baddest tablet which is thinner, lighter and has [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Karma, The Gift That Keeps You Getting

Karma is anything but a bitch when it comes to wifi. Everyone needs wifi, well at least everyone reading Wherever you go, having wifi and data is essential to your being, especially in this day and age. Karma is a different kind of mifi wifi sharing device. Sure it looks like mifi's on the [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: A Bluetooth Boombox For The MiniCooper Lover

If you're a Mini-Cooper owner or just love the Mini-Cooper style then you're going to love this new Bluetooth boombox speaker designed as a Mini-Cooper mirror. This fully licensed speaker is the perfect gift for the auto enthusiast on your holiday shopping list. The Mirror BoomBox is molded in the form of a MINI Cooper [...]

Apple’s 12 Days Of Gift App Is Ready For Download

iPhone and iPad owners rejoice as Apple has announced the return of the 12 days of Christmas, we mean gifts app. The app, which doles out one free digital goodie per day for 12 days, is back again, and this year the digital gifts are available in the US as well. Last year the free [...]

Walmart Bringing Back These Tech Black Friday Deals On Monday

While many online retailers quickly made up "cyber week" to take hold of an enormous online and mobile trend in holiday shopping this year, Walmart has decided to bring back some of their door busters in what they are calling, Green Monday. Now don't worry you don't have to go stand in line at Walmart [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Booq Introduces An Amazing Camera Bag

If you us a DSLR camera, I mean really use a DSLR camera than you know the value of a good bag. You need a bag that's comfortable, yet roomy and spacious enough to hold the gear you use the most. You also want something that's stylish. Finally you want to make sure your camera [...]

3 Apps To Track Santa With Your Android Phone

It's almost that time again for Santa Claus to start making his rounds around the world. Every year it seems it becomes easier and easier to track Santa, thanks to technology.  The best, and most trusted place to track Jolly Ole' Saint Nick is the NORAD Santa Tracker website. However, with mobile first in mind, [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear, A Match Sent In Heaven

If you're a hardcore road warrior, and who isn't these days, and you've been looking to consolidate your tablet and phone experience than a "phablet" is definitely for you. These days there are a lot of "phablets" on the market to choose from, but one manufacturer gets it right every time. Samsung, is now in [...]